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Production Line

Where did we get our products?

We get all of our equipment from working environments. Most of our inventory comes from companies and organizations that are liquidating their assets either because of a bankruptcy, downsizing.... We buy back many parts form our existing customers and also source equipment from asset recovery specialists.



We need a product with 'clean' serials. What is that?

'Clean serial' means the product you are purchasing is not currently under contract and therefore is eligible for support through the manufacturer. An example of a support contract that is often mentioned is SMARTnet. This status has nothing to do with product quality or its past or current condition.


The products we offered may or may not be 'clean'. Just like we do not state, guarantee or control software versions, similarly we have no control over this status. In special circumstances, we may have access to 'clean serial' units. To request a product with this status, please contact our sales team prior to purchase. If you purchase a clean serial unit, and you want to add SMARTnet, you would be required to make those arrangements yourself through the sales channel.

None of this information is guaranteed, and we cannot control what the manufacturer will do, but this knowleadge is based on our extensive industry experience and collective knowledge within our industry.